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A Mesut Özil video to end all Mesut Özil videos

You've watched the rest, now watch the best.

Lennart Preiss

If you're anything like me - and you should be - you've spent the last week watching YouTube videos of Mesut Özil. The problem with the long international break coming when it did is that it's deprived us of the instant gratification of getting to see Özil immediately play for Arsenal, so you sate the need however you can. But after a while they all look pretty much the same, mostly because the majority of them are just three minutes of the same plays. Yeah, they're still awesome after fifteen times, but not quite as awesome.

This is why I've been eagerly awaiting Culann Davies' Mesut Özil compilation. His videos are pretty much always awesome, and done in a slightly different way to everyone else. This one in particular is great for two reasons. First of all, it shows things that aren't assists or goals - dribbling, skill, other passes, him high-fiving other players after doing awesome things. Secondly, because of that it's almost 25 minutes long.

Check it out here, and you won't regret the time spent. It's pretty much the best you could want.