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Denilson scores wondergoal for Sao Paulo

Remember Denilson? Well, he scored a pretty awesome goal the other day.

Jamie McDonald - Getty Images

Sometimes when Arsenal players get loaned, I can forget they exist for extended periods of time. Henri Lansbury ceased to exist for about two years. I literally only just remembered Jay Emmanuel-Thomas existed yesterday, and we sold him after he came back from his loan. I can't remember what Nicklas Bendtner looks like.

Denilson is the same way. I keep forgetting that he's a thing, and technically still an Arsenal player. We've been trying to sell him for about two years now, with no luck, so he's just been hanging out in Brazil, playing for Sao Paulo. Before he disappears to the sands of time forever with Wellington Silva and Carlos Vela, he has one last thing to share.

Yeah, that's a pretty awesome goal. You can tell from any angle, but when the field level angle from behind him is shown you can really see the bend on the ball, and just how impressive it is.

So only ten or fifteen more of those and you can come back, Denilson.