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Arsenal's Champions League Future Getting Clearer

UEFA released some info today about CL qualifiers.

Harold Cunningham

The Champions League without Arsenal is like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup without peanut butter - it's hollow, empty, and pointless.  This will be the 17th straight year Arsenal try to win the shiniest of shiny tin pots, and that quest starts in about a month with a qualifying round.  UEFA released a preliminary list today of Arsenal's potential opponents; Arsenal are seeded, so they'll miss the bigger teams.  Here are the seeded teams (UEFA coefficients in parentheses):

Arsenal (112)
FC Porto (105)
Bayer Leverkusen (70)
Napoli (61)
Athletic Bilbao (54) (will be seeded if Zenit loses their playoff)

Here's who they might face, with their UEFA coefficients:

AEL Limassol (7) or Zenit (73)
Dnipro (32) or Copenhagen (45)
Feyenoord (13) or Besiktas (34)
Grasshoppers (9) or Lille (45)
Standard Liege (38) or Panathinakos (30)

So that's your lot - nobody in that qualifying pool makes me nervous at all.  Arsenal have been in qualifiers before; they'll take no one lightly, and they'll be ready when they need to be.  Arsenal will play their qualifiers August 19th or 20th and 26th or 27th.