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Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal: match discussion and television

Here we are.

more of this plz
more of this plz
Paul Gilham

Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal
Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany
Tuesday March 11, 2014 | 7:45pm London, 3:45pm Eastern, 12:45pm Pacific
TV: Fox Sports 1

If you want to know what's come before, or if you feel like blowing off a little steam before the game actually starts (or we get lineups, or Twitter stops being crap), here's the preview again. We all know what an uphill battle this is going to be, but let's not forget that this is sports, and weird shit happens sometimes. Hopefully today will be the good and fun kind.

Follow our typical rules, as those who frequent this joint have come to expect. Don't be a John Terry. Don't be a Robin van Persie. And for the love of Dennis Bergkamp, don't ask for or post any links to illegal streams of the game. It's not worth getting banned.

Someone will (hopefully) post lineups once they're released, though unless Twitter comes back soon, I don't know how that will happen.