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Champions League preview: Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal

Arsenal have a familiar job to do in order to stay alive in the Champions League.

think happy thoughts
think happy thoughts
Alexander Hassenstein

Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal
Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany
Tuesday March 11, 2014 | 7:45pm London, 3:45pm Eastern, 12:45pm Pacific
Form: Bayern | Arsenal
TV: Fox Sports 1

Two goals.

After a roller coaster of a game several weeks ago, Bayern Munich left London with two goals, and because of that Arsenal will now have to go to Munich looking for that, or more. A repeat of last year's 2-0 win at the future European champions would give Arsenal extra time and possibly penalties. A two-goal win with Arsenal scoring more than just two goals would put them through to the quarterfinals.

It's not likely, but it wouldn't be unprecedented. Like I said, it happened last year - different circumstances, but it still happened. And, you know, when you're thinking about Impossible Results, Arsenal has another one you can go back to when you have doubts.

But yeah, things like that are memorable because they're rare. And honestly, if Arsene Wenger decided not to choose his full first-choice team and instead go all-in on the North London Derby that's coming this weekend, I don't think I could really fault him. I won't go as far as this idiot and say that he should play the kids, but I'd be able to see where he was coming from. I really doubt that will happen. At the very least, I'm not sure there's an outcome or a lineup here that would really truly disappoint or upset me, unless we lose by like six goals or something.

Bayern Munich is basically at full power, both on form and with injuries. Franck Ribery's posterior has evidently healed, so he'll likely play. As for Arsenal, we get Laurent Koscielny back, but loses Kieran Gibbs to injury and won't have Wojciech Szczesny, as you'll recall, due to suspension. Luckily we have Lukasz Fabianski, who kept a clean sheet in this fixture last year. Thomas Vermaelen might play at left back.

Two goals. It's not likely. But it's happened before. And in the end, if Wigan can beat Manchester City in the FA Cup two years in a row, maybe this can happen too.