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Champions League: Bayern Munich Three (More) Questions

We talk once again with Bavarian Football Works about Tuesday's match. We're not encouraged by what we found out.

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No matter what happens, we'll always have bromance
No matter what happens, we'll always have bromance
Paul Gilham

Here's the thing with a gimmick. You can manipulate it to serve your needs, but it's best that your gimmick remain your gimmick, for the most part. That's why we didn't do a Six Questions with Bayern before the first of two legs of the Champions League round of 16 - don't mess with what works.

So here, for the second leg of the tie, are three more questions with Ryan Cowper of Bavarian Football Works, and three more answers with me, of here. I did the same for him, and I'll link to it when it's posted.  Like this.

TSF: Bayern don't need to do much in this game apart from preventing Arsenal from scoring twice. Do you see them trying to get a goal early, or does it seem like they will go in more defensively and be content to absorb pressure?
BFW: One thing Bayern Munich doesn't do is sit back and absorb pressure and they've never shown any propensity to do it under Pep Guardiola. If Arsenal come out conservatively looking to hit on the break, expect Bayern Munich to attack this game with all their might looking to bury Arsenal under an avalanche of early goals. If Arsenal come out with an aggressive press, expect Bayern to retain possession, wear the press down, earn the odd attack, and then spend the last half hour banging in goals. If Bayern Munich can get the first goal, it'll probably be all over.

TSF: Any absences of note?
BFW: Does Holger Badstuber count if he's been injured for 16 months after two ACL surgeries? If you don't count him, here's the total tally of Bayern Munich injuries: 0. For the first time this entire season every attacking option is available to Pep Guardiola. Bastian Schweinsteiger can go 90 minutes. Franck Ribery is back and ready to rock and roll.

TSF: Bayern seem to have not missed a beat since Arsenal last faced them. I know it's a reach, but after seeing how Arsenal took it to them in the first 15 minutes of the first leg, are Bayern fans worried at all about another home leg like last year's, or is this a different enough team that there's not a lot of worry?
BFW: 3 games. 15 goals scored. No, they haven't skipped a beat. Considering Pep Guardiola saw Wenger's plan for 15 minutes last time before closing it down as much as anyone possibly could have, I'm optimistic. I think we'd all have to be absolutely crazy to not be nervous. Almost all Bayern Munich fans watch the German national team as well, so we're all well versed in seeing Mesut Oezil and Lukas Podolski change a game on a whim. However, that near-collapse last season came in a game without Franck Ribery or Bastian Schweinsteiger and featured two pure defensive midfielders. Bayern Munich came out to defend that game and nearly paid the price. They won't do that on Tuesday.

Bonus Question: Any chance Arsenal can buy Bayern dinner Monday night?
Bonus Answer: Sorry, Bayern Munich are fed by the energy of the universe and do not require sustenance.

Thanks once again to Ryan and BFW for taking the time to do this.