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Aaron Ramsey's teammates enjoyed his golazo a lot

I can't blame them.

wow, he can fly too
wow, he can fly too
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

You know when you're playing a sport and one of your teammates does something crazy that you can't believe you saw? I know it well, personally -- every now and then I manage to actually put the ball in the net, and my friends are typically pretty surprised I was able to do it without falling over. Well even professionals do sometimes, and when Aaron Ramsey scored this screamer, you might expect some shock and awe from the rest of the Arsenal team.

You would be right.

Wojciech Szczesny looked like he felt the pain of his opposite number, as the midfielders went nuts.

Yaya Sanogo, on the other hand, may have seen a ghost, or something.

" can shoot them from there?"

If any of you happened to be filming yourselves while watching the game, first of all God help you, but second feel free to share that in the comments. I'll make sure we get you taken care of by the proper authorities.