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Galatasaray charged for flare-throwing incident

Yeah, that's what you get for wrecking our awesome pitch.

"really, guys? REALLY?"
"really, guys? REALLY?"
Paul Gilham

Everyone knows the pitch at the Emirates Stadium is pristine, one of the best in the world. Arsenal's grounds crews regularly win awards and accolades for its quality, and the players love it. So when you go against the pitch, you go against something beautiful.

Considering the physical assault Alexis Sanchez suffered last night, that's not something that concerns Galatasaray, and judging by their behavior in general, it's not on the minds of their fans either. But it's okay -- Gala has been officially charged by UEFA after their fans lobbed lit flares on the Emirates pitch, so some kind of punishment is in order.

The case (along with cases against Borussia Dortmund and FC Basel) will be heard on October 16, after which we'll find out what the punishment will be. I'm hoping for some kind of stadium ban, because honestly I'm a little worried someone might fire a cruise missile at Wojciech Szczesny or something. Either that or a makeup red card for Felipe Melo.

One way or the other, at least we got some awesome photography out of it.