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Arsenal vs. Napoli Could Take Place Behind Closed Doors, Probably Won't

Oh, UEFA, why can't you just punish people properly?

They might not be there!  But probably they will!
They might not be there! But probably they will!
Giuseppe Bellini

Headlines are funny things.  It's like they're news, but shaped in a way to draw the reader in rather than always being 100% accurate.  Who knew words could be so manipulative?

Two headlines today portend...if not doom, then certainly economic inconvenience.  Both Arseblog News and The Guardian lead with the overly-dramatic "ARSENAL-NAPOLI COULD TAKE PLACE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS", and talk about the crowd trouble Napoli experienced when Marseille came to town - UEFA is expected to make a decision on any sanctions either today or tomorrow.  But then, within a sentence or two, both sources say that "Arsenal do not expect UEFA to order the exclusion of fans", and seem to intimate that it'll be business as usual, which probably means a paltry fine for Napoli and a fully-attended game against Arsenal.

As Arseblog News points out, it'd probably take a straight-up racist incident for UEFA to take notice and act; massive crowd trouble both inside and outside the ground just doesn't rate, apparently.