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Arsenal vs. Napoli: match discussion and TV

Let's talk about a game of soccer, you guys.

Paul Gilham

It's the second real Champions League day of the season for Arsenal, as last year's Serie A runners-up (and current second place team) Napoli visit London. This was originally supposed to be Gonzalo Higuain's big visit to the Emirates Stadium after not being sold to Arsenal this summer, which is somehow supposed to be his fault. Also, he already played here in the Emirates Cup this year. No matter: he's not playing today anyway. It seems he's been injured somehow and will miss the game. Full lineups can be seen below.

Remember the rules of match thread participation - be nice to each other, no matter what may happen in the game. Also, don't link to streams. The game is on Fox Soccer + in the United States. That's all I can give you. Sorry!