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Thank You Arsene Wenger

Any story of gratitude about Arsene's time at Arsenal should use this group.

Arsenal at Huddersfield Town: lineups, match thread, Wenger’s last game

One more match for the boss.

Merci from a new fan

Or, how Arsène Wenger and his team saved sports for me.

Arsenal at Huddersfield Town: The Wenger era ends

WARNING: Very little actual preview ahead

The FA should move Arsenal’s final game to honor Arsene Wenger

He had one farewell, yes, but how could you deny him another on his other favoured ground?

Arsene Wenger: the only manager I’ve ever known

22 years of the same man in charge leaves Gooners look back while wondering where we go now

Arsene Wenger bows out with pure class

Wenger leaves the pitch with the fans’ appreciation.

Arsene Wenger says goodbye to the House That Arsene Built

It got a bit dusty in here.