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Arsenal will boycott social media this weekend as part of anti-racism and anti-online abuse message

And The Short Fuse stands with them. Absolutely and without reservation.

Tuesday cannon fodder: a request

Let’s move forward.

A Short Fuse Mystery: the case of the mistaken identity

In which TSF issues a correction.

We’re expanding our social network!

You can find us on Snapchat now.

FA Cup season, on The Short Fuse

The oldest soccer competition in the world is back!


I hired people.

Want to write for The Short Fuse?

We could use some help!

A thank you to everyone

Because without you guys, I would probably be pretty much broke.

Five years of glory

It's been a long road.

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Three Lions Roar - England Needs You!

Want to write about the English national team? It is a possibility.

How To Post Awesome Images In Comment Threads

A wee primer

Introducing The Short Fuse's newest new writer

It's well past time we had comprehensive coverage here of Arsenal Ladies. So let's welcome our newest writer.

A new writer!


New writer casting call: an update

We're accepting submissions a bit longer, and decisions will come relatively soon.

We're looking for (even more) writers

Interested in writing about Arsenal for a semi-respectable publication? Read on!

New additions to The Short Fuse

We're excited to announce the addition of two new writers to The Short Fuse's masthead. Legitimately giddy.

New sections on your favorite blog!

Two new ways for us to inflict our vision on the world.


Makin' the switch.

Get ready for some big changes to the site!

Changes a-comin' to TSF soon! Fun changes!

We are proud to unveil the new Short Fuse logo!

New logo for the site! wooooo!

Site update: new writer!

We have a new writer at the blog--Travis King!


A big pile o' thanks to all of the folks who make The Short Fuse such a great place to write for every day!


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