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Manager Search 2020

Anything relating to the 2019/2020 manager search should go in this hub.

A new day dawns at Arsenal, but what’s the weather like?

It’s finally official. Now what?

Mikel Arteta finally hired as Arsenal manager

It always comes down to money: Arteta’s departure from Manchester delayed by £2M

It’s never simple, is it?

Mikel Arteta has ideas, but he will need time to implement them

A rookie manager will need a significant amount of time before he is judged.

Wednesday managerial update: All but done?

it’s a marathon, not a sprint, I guess

UPDATED: An update! Arsenal’s manager search: no update is still an update

Reports: Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s Vinai Venkatesham meet following loss to Manchester City

The Arteta-to-Arsenal rumors have picked up pace since Sunday’s loss to Man City

Wednesday manager search update: Everything’s happening! Or nothing’s happening!

The latest on the latest.

Paulo Sousa reportedly interested in the Arsenal manager job

Let’s not get too worked up over this one.

Report: Mauricio Pochettino preferred candidate for Arsenal job

The former Spurs manager, sacked earlier this month, is the preferred candidate.

Who should be Arsenal’s permanent manager?

Let’s take a look at some candidates!