US senators are lobbying to sanction Putin’s top cop and Arsenal FC’s co-owner


Noted Russia hawks Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio this week urged (pdf) treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin to consider Yuri Chaika, Putin’s attorney general, and Alisher Usmanov, an oligarch with reportedly close Kremlin ties. They said both men had been linked to "significant acts of corruption" and may have violated America’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, in a letter sent with senators Roger Wicker and Cory Gardner on Jan. 17. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates was cc’ed on the letter.

A brief explainer about tifo


Many of you probably know about tifo, but if you don't, or if you know someone who doesn't who should, this video is a pretty good explainer about the tifo phenomenon. I wrote the words, SBN did the video and the production.

Vikings are Gooners


Vikings wide receiver arrives to NFL UK in personalized Arsenal away shirt, scores a touchdown, celebrates with Henry slide in the end zone

WATCH: Giroud scores to double France's goal tally


It wasn't the prettiest goal he's ever scored, but it should be enough to seal France's progression to the World Cup.

Wilshere v Szczesny banter


Jack the lad and Smokin' Szsc are back at it again

Henry from downtown


Thierry Henry takes his skills from the pitch to the court

Ozil talks Lacazette


Hello, this is Mesut. How may I assist you today, Alexandre?

Giroud scores a beauty for France


Olivier Giroud scores goals and once or twice a year, he scores a goal more beautiful than himself