Times writers predictably predict Arsenal failure, fail at predicting failure


GTFO. No. Way. I do not believe. Journalists predict Arsenal to fail at achieving some sort of Champions League qualification? Why I never! (Via)

Thanks, everyone! We out!


We had a blast today, and we hope all of you did too! Can we do it again next time one of your writers manages to seriously hurt themselves? (We could help with that part too!)

NEWS: Arsene Wenger's new rap album drops this Friday


Featuring the hit singles "Can't CZ Incident" and "I Want to Die (feat. Piers Morgan)"

FOUND: Emirates Stadium Etiquette Guide


An enterprising Arsenal fan found this guide to stadium etiquette tacked to a few of the public bulletin inside the Emirates this week. I think it's a good thing: the atmosphere has been a bit rambunctious during match days lately, and it's making people uncomfortable.



Benzema Benzem Benze Benz Ben Be B Be Ben Beng Bengh Bengha Benghaz Benghazi



This is just so beautiful.

Crystal Palace fans protest prices in wake of Premier League TV deal


While losing 2-1 to Arsenal, Crystal Palace fans unveiled a banner display bemoaning high ticket prices in the wake of the Premier League's new £5 billion television deal. This has long been a sticking point for Arsenal fans, and it's a fair one. After all, £5 billion is a hell of a lot of money. It would be nice if clubs would take the opportunity to make it a bit easier for people to attend games. I have a feeling it's not going to happen, though.