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Jack Wilshere charged by FA for saying a bad word

What do we think of the FA?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

During the FA Cup celebration parade on Sunday, Jack Wilshere said a bad word into a microphone. It wasn't any of the ones that people actually ought to care about – not a racial, gendered, or homophobic slur, or anything even resembling it – but one that Arsenal fans have used in a song about their immediate neighbors for years. In fact, it was that song about Tottenham Hotspur that prompted Wilshere's use of The Word. Well, evidently the FA really hates fun.

He is alleged to have "brought the game into disrepute," which is kind of nuts to think about. When you think about the game of football, and some of the things that have happened through the years that have either gone unpunished or totally ignored, and then you think that Wilshere might actually get a suspension (or, at least, a fine) because he said "shit," you just want to drive your head through a wall.

I'd like to rant about this for a while, but unlike the Football Association, I have better things to do than getting upset over a person saying the word "shit" into a microphone. Suffice it to say that this is extremely stupid, anyone who was offended by Wilshere saying "shit" is stupid, and the FA is stupid. This non-apology should have covered it, and we should never have spoken of this again.