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FA Cup final: Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match preview infographic

It's a big game, so here's a big image.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Since the FA Cup final is a Big Deal, we're doing things a little differently than we do for other games. If you've been around for the past week you will have noticed that, as we've collaborated with 7500 to Holte on loads of things from a tactical preview to their podcast to learning about their hateability levels to our usual Q&A. Sadly this has made it harder to hate Aston Villa (even though they told us how best to do it!), and this post isn't going to help any.

Bennett Berry is an artist who's worked with 7500 to Holte in the past, and he's created an awesome infographic ahead of the FA Cup final, detailing stuff like the road to the final for both sides, Arsenal and Villa's respective FA Cup histories, manager records, and more. So without any further ado, here's the official SB Nation FA Cup final infographic. Prepare to be infotained.