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Arsenal to face Aston Villa in FA Cup final

We have our opponent.

let's have more of this
let's have more of this
Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Arsenal will face Aston Villa at Wembley Stadium on May 30, to play for the FA Cup. Villa were able to defeat Liverpool in what was billed as a massive upset, but based on recent form probably wasn't, really.

This will be Aston Villa's first appearance in the FA Cup final since 2000, which they lost to Chelsea by a 1-0 scoreline in the last FA Cup final in the old Wembley. Villa haven't won the FA Cup since 1957, when they defeated Manchester United 2-1. That was their seventh, which was then the most held by any club. Interestingly, if Arsenal win, that will make us the new (sole) record-holders with 12 FA Cup wins, one more than Manchester United. There's also this:

As you probably know, Arsenal's FA Cup drought will be only slightly more than a year on the day of the final, as we beat Hull City last year to win our first since 2005. I'd like to continue making ironic "trophy drought" jokes, so let's win this one so I can do that all summer.