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March Gets Messier: Swansea Match Rescheduled

In an article that's not about the most awesome hockey player ever, March gets much more crowded.

No, I said "March messier"
No, I said "March messier"
Bruce Bennett

We've known since December or so that March would be a pivotal month, and would also be super-crowded.  With Arsenal progressing nicely in the FA Cup, though, March just got that little bit more congested.

In between the Chelsea match on the 22nd and the Manchester City match on the 29th, Arsenal were hoping to take the week off, recuperate, and maybe tend to their gardens (spring's coming!). But now, annoyingly, they have to work - the match against Swansea that was originally scheduled for tomorrow has been moved to Tuesday the 25th.

It's not optimal, but then again, there's not exactly a lot of open dates left between now and May, so it's hard to get all ragey about this - it's more of a heavy sigh and a hope that nobody else gets hurt between now and then.

So the pivotal month rolls on.  Stay healthy, all you remaining players.  We need you.