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Date set for Everton FA Cup match

And it's not ideal!

Michael Regan

We have a confirmed date and time for Arsenal's FA Cup quarterfinal match against Everton, which will take place at the Emirates Stadium. The Toffees will visit on Saturday, March 8th, at 12:45 London time (that's 7:45am Eastern).

This puts the match directly between the Premier League trip to Stoke City on Saturday, March 1st and the away leg of the Champions League tie with Bayern Munich on Tuesday, March 11th. For those of you who don't feel like doing any math today, that leaves only two days of rest between the FA Cup match and the visit to Munich the following week. That's not very much rest.

Of course, depending on the score of the first leg tomorrow, maybe it won't be that big of a deal. If Arsenal win 5-0 tomorrow, perhaps there can be some rotation. I think I'll just hope for that for now and see how it goes.