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Arsenal draw familiar FA Cup opponent

Hey, did you like the FA Cup final last year? I have good news for you then.

this was fun
this was fun
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Arsenal will open their defense of the FA Cup the same way they won it last May -- by playing against Hull City in London. In today's third round draw, Arsenal were first out of the bowl along with last year's runners-up, and will play the match at home on January 3rd.

It's not ideal -- other top clubs drew lower league clubs like AFC Wimbledon and Watford -- but it's at the Emirates, and Hull aren't a powerhouse. But they can do damage, as we saw last year when they went up 2-0 at Wembley, or earlier this season when they played Arsenal to a draw. Either way, Steve Bruce is more unhappy than you.

Well that’s sort of freaky. Not Blyth drawing Chelsea, because they didn’t, but Hull did draw Arsenal in a repeat of last season’s final ... which Steve Bruce subsequently reveals was also drawn as a fixture in the rehearsal. Bruce says: "At least we’re at home," before being told that they are away.

Poor guy.