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FA: No action to be taken for Walcott scoreline "gesture" vs. Spurs

The Football Association won't do anything to Theo Walcott that his knee hasn't already done.

I mean, come on.
I mean, come on.
Clive Rose

According to several reports, the FA has decided not to take action against Theo Walcott for reminding Tottenham Hotspur fans of the 2-0 scoreline as he was being stretchered off the Arsenal FA Cup win. Here's one:

Based on his aforementioned actions, I think he has a pretty good idea what his responsibilities are as an Arsenal player (hint: they include trolling Spurs at every available opportunity). Evidently he's to blame for the near-riot that happened down in their end, though I think Tim Sherwood and Danny Rose ought to take some of the responsibility themselves. Either way, good for Theo.

It appears that the FA also won't take action against Nabil Bentaleb for this:

And no word yet on whether the FA plans to take action against Tottenham fans for throwing coins at Walcott as he was being carted off, which was allegedly at least part of the reason the Offending Gesture was made in the first place.

But at least we've got Theo sorted for essentially saying "scoreboard" to a bunch of drunk idiots.