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Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham: Man of the Match

In a match full of wonderful performances, one player stood out above them all.

Clive Rose

World, meet Serge Gnabry.  Serge, meet World.

Sure, he had the beautiful goal in the Swansea City match earlier this season, and he's been on our radar for a couple seasons, but this was the kind of performance - on the kind of stage, versus the kind of opponent, that all players who go to Arsenal desire - that showed us all what sort of matches he's capable of producing.

When the email went out to collect our nominations for Man of the Match, the responses flooded back within minutes, and every single of them had the German wunderkind as their selection.  His honor comes as little shock, given his vision, touch, technique and execution kept Danny Rose and Christian Eriksen busy all match.  Further, as evidenced with his assist on Santi Cazorla's goal, he was unafraid to attack the opposition both on the wings and middle of the pitch (it helps knowing he's got Bacary Sagna covering him when he ventures around the pitch, too), exploiting space off the dribble and displaying a strong, threatening shot in his bag of tricks when needed.

Overall, he was a consistent pain in the Spurs' ass, and for that Serge Gnabry gets our Man of the Match award.