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Arsenal draw Liverpool in FA Cup Fifth Round

The Gunners will "welcome" Liverpool to London next month as part of a hellish run of fixtures.

Alex Livesey

The FA Cup draw was this afternoon as the Fourth Round came to a close, and any hope for a little relief in Arsenal's fixture list evaporated as they were drawn against Liverpool in the cup's fifth round. The rest of the draw:

Home Away Reaction
Arsenal Liverpool Just couldn't be easy, could it?
Manchester City Chelsea hahahahahahahahahaha
Sheffield United/Fulham Nottingham Forest/Preston North End If Arsenal get through, I want Preston.
Brighton Hull City I really don't have anything.
Cardiff City Wigan A Championship team against a team that's going to be in the Championship next year.
Sheffield Wednesday Charlton It's kind of weird that both Sheffields are still alive.
Sunderland Southampton Poor Soton, having to play Sunderland again. Wait,what?
Everton Swansea We'll probably get the winner of this if we beat Liverpool.

If you've been on Twitter at all today, you'll probably already know that Arsenal's February and March are pretty rough. And this goes right in the middle of it. Arsenal's February fixture list, in part:

and Arsenal's games in March, in part:


But of course, the moaning over this is probably overstated. We'll win a couple of those games, probably lose one or two, and at the end of that run we might not top the table anymore. But that's not a disaster, and Arsenal will still have over a month to play. So either way, let's not get too freaky yet.

I think we'll probably be able to