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Featured Fanshot

Thanks, everyone! We out!

Bloody Cannon: Beginner's Guide to Per Mertesacker

BFG = "blonde Flemish guy," right?


This startling revelation finally gives us the opportunity we've been waiting for.

Featured Fanshot

NEWS: Arsene Wenger's new rap album drops this Friday

Bloody Cannon: Beginner's Guide to Mezut Özil

You may not have heard of this next guy, so let us introduce him! He's Arsenal's Swedish academy grad!

Ballon d'Or snubs Francis Coquelin

It would seem genius is only appreciated by Arsenal fans.

Bloody Cannon: Beginner's Guide to Theo Walcott

You'll love this Arsenal academy graduate!

Breaking down Arsenal's best goals this season

Arsenal have scored some outstanding goals this season. Let's look at some of them in detail.

The Bloody Cannon Beginner's Guide - Petr Cech

Are you new to Arsenal fandom? Get to know academy graduate and club legend Petr Cech!

Why I'm an Arsenal Fan

I'm one of you! Honest!

Featured Fanshot

FOUND: Emirates Stadium Etiquette Guide

Zelalem gets "stuck in" with Scotland

The promising midfielder is learning a few things up north he's hoping to bring back to Arsenal

Match Ratings to the theme of Nickelback songs

The perfect fit of band and club.

Don't let the Pigeon sign with Barcelona!

Hint: the Pigeon is Jesus Christ.

Opening a time capsule from 2004

An Arsenal fan in 2004 predicts the future for our glorious club.

Tactics: The transcendent vision of Mesut Özil

What a great tactical analysis.

Jack Wilshere is the best footballer alive

He's just been on a slow burn to greatness

Thursday Takeover Cannon Fodder

*Taps mic* this thing on?

Handing over the keys: It's Takeover Day

See you tomorrow. We hope.


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