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Kim Little has leg broken by vicious tackle by Chelsea’s Drew Spence

To top it off, Spence only received a yellow card for the horror challenge which has now led to severe condemnation.

Chelsea Women v Arsenal - FA WSL

There are certain things in this sport that are obvious, blatant red cards. Punching your opponent in the face is one. Tackling someone without any intent to get the ball, such was the case with Cyprus’s captain Jason Demetriou in yesterday’s UEFA Nations League match versus Bulgaria, is another. Those are two extreme examples that are more or less universally agreed-upon because the actions border anti-social behavior.

Then there’s the case of Arsenal Women’s star Kim Little, who had her fibula fractured by Chelsea’s Drew Spence on Sunday during Arsenal’s 5-0 victory in a blatant attempt to injure that was disguised as a football move. Little, who was on the ball just outside of the penalty box, was cut down by Spence in a two-footed lunge from behind at Little’s right foot, which was planted on the ground and received the full force of the tackle. Little will be out for around 10 weeks as a result of a completely-avoidable challenge.

To make matters worse, Spence received a yellow card for her actions. The ensuing backlash has served as yet another example of how poor and incompetent officiating in the English women’s game has and continues to be:

Arsenal Women, who sit tied for first in Women’s Super League with Birmingham City (with a match in hand), host fourth-place Reading next Sunday, as they look to cope with Little’s absence.