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David Ospina leaves Arsenal on loan for Napoli

The Colombian keeper departs after four years with the Gunners

Arsenal Press Conference Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Goalkeeper David Ospina has left Arsenal this season on loan to Serie A club Napoli on a one-year loan, with the option for the Italian side to convert his stay to a permanent move come next spring.

Ospina leaves the north London club after four years, making odd appearances here and there and being subject to one of the worst player acknowledgements from the supporters in the history of Arsenal. His penchant for barely getting free kicks past the halfway line as well as constantly getting hurt following decent saves (along with also having the unfortunate label of dropping the ball into his own net) leaves his legacy a mixed bag at best, a laughing stock among many mediocre keepers the club has employed at worst.

Whatever, you goofy bastard. I’m sorry your time at Arsenal didn’t quite work out the way you probably expected it to be, but then again you’re also the best keeper under 5-8 they’ve ever fielded in a competitive, this-actually-counts-for-something match. We’re not in the business of being picky on the quality of wins here, and I’m guessing you’re not either.