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Aaron Ramsey confirms ongoing contract talks between agents and Arsenal

A good sign, but until he’s put pen to paper it’s still very worrying

Huddersfield Town v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Aaron Ramsey provided an update to Sky Sports News earlier today during Arsenal’s tour of Singapore regarding his contract status, and while he confirmed his agent and the club are in discussions regarding an extension he doesn’t necessarily shine the brightest light on the situation:

Ramsey: “We’ll see what happens, but my agent and the club are talking.

Interviewer: “What does it hinge on, Aaron?”

R: “Um, I’m not sure, exactly. I’m just leaving that to them to discuss and to figure out. But, we have to come to an agreement, so that’s something that my agent and the club are discussing to try and get something done.”

I: “How soon do you hope everything is resolved?”

R: “I’m not sure, exactly. It’s taken a bit of time, so far. So, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Ugh. While a lot of his teammates have secured contract extensions this summer, Ramsey has not. Yet. Which isn’t a shock, given the amount of money he’s probably due to expect and desire knowing this is probably his last, big opportunity to scoring his maximum financial earnings.

As noted many times before, Ramsey’s said in the past about a desire to one day test the La Liga waters, and given his current contract status there’s probably not a better time than now to make a move. What isn’t exactly known is if the two big Spanish clubs are monitoring him as a potential transfer target - after all, it takes two to tango. Then again, what was once desired may not be same now. Arsenal are entering a second-straight season as an outsider to the Champions League looking in, and if Ramsey wants to return to the highest competitive level of European club football as quickly as possible he might have to do so elsewhere.

With rumors that Arsenal are about to sell off players deemed surplus to requirements, we might start to get a better idea on the future of Aaron Ramsey sooner than later.