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Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal discussing contract extension

So says the Daily Star. Which you should know about its legitimacy.

Arsenal v Everton - Premier League

Grain of salt and whatnot because it’s the Daily Star, which should be obvious to any casual observer of news emanating from England, but they are reporting that Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal have opened contract extension talks.

Having signed Mesut Özil to a contract extension the same day the club broke their transfer record with the capture of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, new Head of Football Relations Raul Sanllehi appears to have hit the ground running and, if the Star is to be trusted, made extending Ramsey his first and biggest priority after starting his job at Arsenal last Thursday. At 27 years-old, Ramsey will be looking to cash in on what could be a final, massive and extremely-deserved contract; rumors are floating around the internet that the initial offer to Ramsey is £250,000 per week.

It’s still crazy to think that in the year of our Lord 2018, there are still Arsenal fans skeptical of Ramsey’s value and talent that he brings to the club. But what they’re missing (and such a shame that is; a player like Ramsey doesn’t come around all too often) is a midfielder who’s capable of making key runs into space on counters and against deep-sitting defenses, finishing, defending passing lanes as well as making tackles, and distributing from all points on the pitch.

Here’s to hoping that, for some unbelievable set of circumstances, the Daily Star is right on this piece of news.