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Report: Manchester City to offer Arsenal £20m for Alexis Sanchez

At first glance, the money doesn’t make sense

Manchester City v Arsenal  - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

If reports today are true, Manchester City has submitted a “take it or leave it” offer of £20 million to Arsenal for Alexis Sanchez, who has also reportedly agreed to terms with Abu Dhabi’s main public relations vehicle on a contract worth £250,000 a week.

It’s been said elsewhere in the last day and change that City is offering Alexis £30 million if he rides out the last few months of his contract at Arsenal and arrives on a free this summer, which makes sense if you also question the validity of the reported £20 million fee to Arsenal. On one hand you have City offering Alexis a signing bonus that’s £10 million above today’s rumored transfer fee; on the other, you have City without the services of Gabriel Jesus for a still-yet-to-be-determined amount of time, that they’ll be paying an initial outlay of £10 million more to a player will be 30 next season whose services they won’t benefit from for another eight months.

Money is of no value to a club that’s funded by a family who benefits and profits off the back of the entrapment and slavery of migrant workers who construct buildings and exploit natural resources in a manner to shield the Emirates from their medieval practices, so maybe to the powers that be at the club this is just a devious, trivial and fun way to screw over a league rival. Ultimately, however, Arsenal has arrived to this point due to the very known fact that they completely botched and mishandled Alexis’s contract situation and his desire to leave this past summer.

At this point, £20 million is better than £0, and if you’re of the mind that the odds they either finish in the top four of the league or win the Europa League are slim, cashing in on Alexis and admitting defeat is probably the best route to take.