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Arsenal “increasingly hopeful” of a Mesut Özil contract extension

At least one of Arsenal’s superstars looks to be staying put

FC Bayern v Arsenal FC - 2017 International Champions Cup China Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

When looking at Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil and where their futures lie, it has always felt like Özil was the least-likely to leave the club. One could argue that was down to a lack of interest in comparison to the clubs lining up to snatch away Alexis, but if one goes back to the initial reasons why Özil joined - Arsene Wenger - the worry that he would leave started to lessen the moment the manager agreed to his contract extension.

Which brings us to the news today that Arsenal is “increasingly hopeful” that they can finally secure a contract extension with their creative midfielder, so reports John Cross.

Özil has been holding out for an extension that would be pay him £350,000 per week while Arsenal have been steady with their £280,000 per week package, but the club is feeling confident that an agreement is getting closer by the day thanks to Özil’s positive attitude and comments while on their Australia/China pre-season tour.

While Alexis is clearly a goal-scoring machine, it’s easy to see the negative impact left by Özil’s absence when out of the lineup. His general presence on the pitch and ability to create is unparalleled when compared to any of his teammates, and there aren’t too many players on the market that would have been able to duplicate the talent and vision he has. Unfairly knocked throughout his time at Arsenal for trivial, incorrect things such as his demeanor and perceived laziness, Özil’s managed to keep a level head about such matters while continuing to produce magic on the pitch.

Losing Özil would be a massive blow to Arsenal, so it’s reassuring that both parties appear to be marching towards an agreement that could be much sooner than later.