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Hector Bellerin probably got his quotes twisted by Barcelona-friendly press

This will simply be something we have to deal with as long as he’s an Arsenal player

Arsenal v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

There’s one rule of thumb when dealing with news that emanates from the Catalan/Barcelona press regarding under-contract Arsenal players, and that’s not to really trust what they’re reporting as iron-clad facts.

Sport and Mundo Deportivo - the paper in question today - are famous for asking loaded questions to Barcelona transfer targets in order to twist the narrative in a way that makes it appear the player is desperate to join their favorite club. Which is far more than likely what Mundo Deportivo did with our very own, and heavily-desired Hector Bellerin.

While some may see the quotes as the sky’s falling around Arsenal and their attempts to hold on to their prized right back, what is not presented in the post is the questions posed to Bellerin - the main tactic used in interviews like this. What’s known is that there was definitely a question asked about Hector’s family moving back to Barcelona, his opinion on new manager Ernesto Valverde, and what he makes of Barcelona having a raging erection over him and his talents.

How he truly answered the questions, though, is always up for debate since Mundo Deportivo are notorious liars and manipulators of quotes and content. To be accused by Sport - of all garbage rags - of lying and thievery is an achievement in its own right. Which is to say, anything that comes out from Mundo Deportivo or Sport regarding an Arsenal player and supposed Barcelona interest should be taken with less than a grain of salt, whatever minute particle that may be.

After all, as you all know, Bellerin is signed through 2023, has spent his formative years in London to the point of developing a hilarious Cockney accent, and the club has made it such a point of his status within the club to not even respond to such previous rumors in the past. There is nothing to look into here, you’re free to go about your day and pretend this never happened.