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Alexis Sanchez talking to two clubs regarding a summer transfer

Brush up on your French, Alexis

Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

According to (respected?) French journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi, Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez’s people have been in serious discussions with Chelsea and PSG regarding a move away from the club this upcoming summer:

Admittedly I haven’t heard of this guy before, but from my sources (read: fellow writers) they indicate Bouhafsi is a legit journalist who’s been far more correct than not in the past.

This adds more fuel to the fire that Alexis is gone this summer, so if we’re all being honest with ourselves we should start to accept his departure and pray that the club isn’t stupid enough to sell to Chelsea or any other league rival.

And as much as I would prefer the club to keep a player like Alexis than to sell him, if he doesn’t want to be here and a club like PSG is willing to give Arsenal €50 million there isn’t a logical reason why Arsenal should play hardball purely out of outdated, illogical principles that do far more harm in the long-term than not.

Just as long as Arsenal replace him with someone adequate - someone who wants to actually be here - then I can’t be too bothered were he to leave for PSG.

Now, on the other hand, if Arsenal were to sell to Chelsea...