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Arsenal transfer rumor: Steven N’Zonzi, who is 28 but turns 29 in ten days, rumored to be in London

The reason for his visit appears to be innocent enough, or so it seems right now

Liverpool FC v Sevilla FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Sevilla’s Steven N’Zonzi, who is currently 28 years old but will be 29 in ten days, has sensationally left the club to fly into London not to hold talks with Arsenal - who are rumored to have interest in the midfielder - but to see his son, so says Sevilla chairman Jose Castro:

Asked about why N’Zonzi had flown to England, Sevilla chairman Jose Castro explained: ‘His situation is due to a technical issue with the coaches and as with all the technical issues, he can change it. ‘He has travelled to London to visit his son with our permission.

‘There aren’t any offers to sign N’Zonzi. I can’t talk about clauses or prices if we don’t have an offer. ‘We respect the decision of our coaches, he is training with their mates but currently he isn’t playing.’

Any sort of disgruntled appearances or behavior in the days and weeks leading to the opening of the transfer window is like an open flame on a parched forest for journalists and pundits eager to read into something that isn’t there. Usually I’m more cynical when it comes to most matters in life, but who knows exactly what’s going on in N’Zonzi’s life that’s led him to fly into London. Assuming Castro is correct and that he has a son who lives in England which, according to my rudimentary knowledge of maps, is not close to the southern parts of Spain, it makes sense for him to want to see his own kid. This doesn’t mean that Arsenal (or Everton; the other club after his services) are using his child as a cover to hold secret talks. Maybe he wants to celebrate his 29th birthday, which is in a week and a half, early with the ones he loves the most. Who really knows?

Then again, if he’s going to maximize his time in the capital city and he’s interested in hearing what other clubs that just so happened to be based there will offer him there’s probably very little stopping him from taking a break from kicking a ball around with his tyke or getting his kid up to speed on “Game of Thrones”.

While N’Zonzi, who will be 29 in ten days, could fill an important role for Arsene Wenger due to his strong passing traits and ability to maintain possession under pressure as questions begin to swirl around Granit Xhaka’s value to the side, it begs the question if N’Zonzi, who is 28 years old, would be brought in to provide depth to a midfield that otherwise is playing well together or to challenge incumbents for their spots.