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Mesut Özil may be about to get a new contract – and a new shirt number

This would be huge news all around, if it comes to pass.

Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Arsenal may be close to locking in a big part of its present and future for the long term. According to reports, Mesut Özil has signed a new contract with the club, to remain with Arsenal for the foreseeable future.

This comes from Henning Feindt, who according to his Twitter bio and a quick run through Google Translate is a deputy editor in chief at Sport Bild. Here’s the tweet in question:

If you read that, you may notice something interesting – it claims that the new contract will give Mesut the number 10 shirt, which seems to me to be a slightly strange thing to make a contractual obligation, but sure, whatever floats your boat. What exactly that means for young* Jack Wilshere remains unclear, but hopefully for me it means that if and when he returns to Arsenal, he picks the number 69 shirt.

*not actually all that young anymore

According to Dean The ITK on Twitter (a reasonably reliable one, while not perfect), Mesut just moved into a new house, so it sounds like our favorite German is getting more settled in London. And good for him.

Hopefully an official announcement will come relatively soon, so we can all move on to worrying whether Alexis Sanchez signs his new deal.