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Odds slashed on Daniel Sturridge moving to Arsenal

There's really nothing to read too deeply into this movement other than money is moving quicker than it has in the recent past

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

2016 Arsenal Summer Transfer Window Tracker

This bit of news was the hot potato being quickly batted around The Short Fuse staff a short while ago that landed in my hands when the music stopped. Therefore I have the unfortunate responsibility to type up the inane news that the odds of a Daniel Sturridge move to Arsenal have been slashed a few hours before the summer transfer window closes.

Honestly, don't read too much into this. For starters, Deadline Day has become just as much a day for gamblers with far too much money to lose willing to bet on random Twitter and ITK rumors as it's been for fans gathering at their favorite ground to stick random toys in TV presenters' ears and faces. Odds shift in gambling because money is moving hands faster than it previously did - that's all.

Of course, we'd love to see Sturridge at Arsenal. He's a talent who could provide even more attacking depth and options for Arsene Wenger to play around with. That said, while Sturridge's relationship with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp could definitely be better than it currently is, Klopp doesn't seem like the kind of dummy to willingly sell a direct league competitor a player that could catapult them into a top four league finish.

I'd say there's more to come on this and to watch this space, but with only a couple hours remaining in the window and no other credible links other than bookie odds being slashed, there really isn't. Feel free to carry on with your day as previously planned.