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Jamie Vardy to wait until after Euro 2016 to make Arsenal decision

It remains to be seen whether or not Arsenal will also wait that long.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

According to reports from a number of sources, including John Crossthe Guardian, and Matt Law, Jamie Vardy has decided that Monday deadline wasn't enough. He now wants to wait until after Euro 2016 to make a decision about his future, meaning that Arsenal and Leicester City may not know for up to a month which club he'll choose for next season.

And now, Arsenal have a bit of a problem:

Waiting a whole month would be a big blow if Vardy ended up choosing to stay at Leicester. Frankly, considering the fact that I've never been a huge fan of this deal, I'd say waiting a month would be a blow even if he did pick us. I'd say this actually gives Arsenal a chance to get into the position they should have been in from the start: keep Vardy on the line, but pursue other options, and if nothing else comes through then Vardy can be a possible fall-back position (if he's still interested in a month). Even if it's not Alvaro Morata, who the Guardian and others have reported could be on his way to Chelsea, there are other options out there. Let's pursue them.