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John Cross: Jamie Vardy may stay at Leicester City

Evidently Leicester's last-ditch efforts may have paid off.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

According to the Mirror's John Cross, Arsenal are preparing for the possibility that Jamie Vardy will choose to remain at Leicester City rather than accepting Arsenal's offered contract. It was expected that Vardy's decision would be made Monday, even as the day went on without an answer – but Vardy changed course on the day and never made contact, and according to Cross, Wenger "believes [Vardy] would have accepted Arsenal’s offer by now if he was keen to move."

Leicester pulled out all the stops in an attempt to convince Vardy to stay put. Though Arsenal's contract offer was higher (£120,000-a-week, according to Cross), Leicester offered a new deal at £100,000. The Leicester players also allegedly gathered to "plead with Vardy to stay" at the club. Andy King had this to say:

We want all our best players to stay and try to build from there. But what he decides to do is up to him...All of our players have had brilliant seasons and are going to be linked with big clubs. For Leicester, it is going to be a summer of speculation of incomings and out-goings. Nothing has happened yet and it will probably be a long transfer window. It is 25 players in a squad and if one or two decide they want to go and play their football elsewhere, we wish them all the best. But we want to keep our best players and hopefully add to that.

So yeah, this one's gone from "not happening" to "definitely happening" back to "who the hell knows" in record time. Like I said earlier today, honestly at this point I just want this one done one way or the other. It's looking less likely that's coming soon, though, so I guess buckle in and see where this train goes (if anywhere).