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Arsenal allegedly trigger Jamie Vardy release clause, for some reason

This doesn't feel like it makes a ton of sense, but SHRUG

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It's pretty well-known that Arsenal are looking to improve at the striker position this summer, but according to reporter Stuart James, they may be doing it in an entirely unexpected way.

James's Twitter bio lists him as a writer for the Guardian and Observer in the Midlands (which is where Leicester is, for the non-English among us), and the reaction from other better-known (and better-trusted) journalists on Twitter leads me to believe the account's for real. His reliability is...well, let's say "unknown" at this point.

Personally I don't really see this as a real thing, at least not at the moment. Vardy's already 29 years old, and he's only had one season in which he was really A Thing. He has a history of indiscretion, including racism and a suspension when his team was trying to clinch the Premier League this past season. He really just doesn't seem like the kind of player Arsène Wenger usually goes after – not to say Arsenal is some kind of paragon of virtue, but there's a lot of little things that make this seem unlikely.

Add on my personal opinion that Leicester City's league win last year was a factor not of exceptional individuals, but a sum that was greater than its parts, and you can count me as one who's hoping that Vardy would be a fall-back if Alvaro Morata or other options don't work out. It could happen, and it could work out great for Arsenal, but right now I'm very unsure about all of this.

UPDATE: James's story for the Guardian offers a little more insight – the clause is only £20 million evidently, and Vardy's current deal ends in summer of 2019. Additionally:

Vardy has a close relationship with Leicester’s Thai owners, as well as Claudio Ranieri, the manager, and there is a desire on their part to keep the title-winning team together.

So there's that! I still want Morata.

DOUBLE UPDATE: Okay this just got real.