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beIN SPORTS floats idea of Arsène Wenger as England manager, which is a bad idea for everyone involved

When "do it for the banter" goes wrong.

"actually I am little bit insulted that you would say this about me"
"actually I am little bit insulted that you would say this about me"
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

I spend a lot of time on Twitter (as you probably know if you follow me, which you should because my brand is good), and the thing I've learned is that going way, way out on a limb is a great way to get Online Engagement. It's not usually a good idea for anyone who wants to be taken remotely seriously, though, because it tends to make you look like a moron.

Enter beIN SPORTS!

Take a lap and hit the showers, lads, you've clearly had a big day.

Let's go through the people who are ill-served by this:

  • Arsène Wenger: Man, if you think the media and fans that surround Arsenal are unforgiving and reactionary, wait until you wade into England Twitter. Also you're stuck with the players your system is churning out, which...well, let's just say that Eric Dier is supposedly England's Sergio Busquets, which reflects well on nobody. Not to mention if there's ever a time I wouldn't want to be a non-Englishman managing this team, it's now.
  • England fans: To build on that last line, I saw someone on Twitter last night say that they thought the manager should always be English not because they'd do a better job, but because that way there would always be a level of accountability. England's failures or successes (and let's be real, probably mostly the former) would be on them, not someone else. I think there's something to that, honestly.
  • Arsenal: If we were going to make a managerial change this summer, it should have happened already. We're not, so it didn't. Having to replace Wenger now would be a disaster.
  • beIN SPORTS: Seriously, you thought there was an actual chance that Arsène Wenger would be considered as manager for a national team in a country where he gets about 2% of the respect he deserves?
Get out of my face with this, and get on with hiring Alan Pardew so we can all enjoy England again.