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Swiss source says Granit Xhaka deal should happen Wednesday

Hopefully they're right, it'd be nice to get the celebration going.

same, fam
same, fam
Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

According to Swiss newspaper Blick, Granit Xhaka's move to Arsenal should be done and dusted on Wednesday. This, of course, fits within the timeline laid out by John Cross in the Mirror earlier this week, who said it should be happening "within 48 hours" on Monday. 48 hours from Monday is Wednesday, so you know, you do the math.

Blick says the deal will be €45 million or so, which is a bit higher than we've been hearing lately but still around £35 million, which isn't that much higher than what's been reported. Incidentally, Blick mentions that this is the highest fee ever paid for a Swiss player, so that's cool too!

Basically, the clock is winding down, there don't appear to be any obstacles left in the way, and all the signs are pointing toward this all being locked up soon. Knock on wood, but even if this little prediction misses by a bit, it really appears that Xhaka should be a Gooner sooner rather than later.

Did I mention that you should knock on wood? Because we should all knock on wood.