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John Cross: Granit Xhaka deal to be announced within 48 hours

It's all done and dusted, and we're just waiting on official word.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

According to the Mirror's John Cross, Arsenal's deal for Granit Xhaka is completed, and will be announced officially by the club at some point in the next two days. The deal is done, the contract is agreed, and the medical's been done – and, you know, the photos have been taken.

The process was somewhat expedited due to Xhaka's desire to get the deal completed before the Euro 2016 tournament starts, so Arsenal rushed through the final particulars this weekend. Sounds like all sides involved were eager to get the deal done, so there weren't any snags or problems or anything. So that's good!

Cross notes that Xhaka Flocka Flame would be Arsenal's third-most expensive player signing ever, all of which have come in the past four summers. And the other two have worked out quite nicely, so here's hoping the third one matches the exploits of our boys Mesut and Alexis.