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Granit Xhaka on his way to London, possibly

We've reached the "friends posting on Facebook" portion of the program.

leave the balls, we have plenty
leave the balls, we have plenty
Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Okay, now it's definitely transfer season, because I'm about to write a story about a Facebook post. This one may actually be something though, so bear with me. Earlier today, this happened. That's Artan Muhaxhiri, who you probably haven't heard of. But he's a journalist, and evidently a friend of Granit Xhaka.


Anyway, the translation of what he said is:

LATEST NEWS: It was confirmed today that Granit Xhaka will go to London to finalise the deal with Arsenal FC! Granit Congratulations!

It's impossible to tell whether these two are actually close enough for Muhaxhiri to have intimate inside knowledge of how this transfer is progressing, and with the report this morning that Arsenal low-balled their first bid I'm not sure I believe that they're far enough along that Xhaka would be coming to London now. On the other hand, last time we had Arsenal transfer news from a source we'd never heard of, it turned out to be accurate. Maybe this is more King Fut than "Abou Diaby's friend at the mosque," but only time will tell. I'm coating it in grains of salt for the moment, though.