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Xhaka: My Gladbach "circle has been closed"

It sure sounds like the Swiss midfielder is on the way out.

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

In quotes published by Bild (and in English in the Daily Cannon), Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Granit Xhaka says that his time at Gladbach is likely coming to an end.

The circle has been closed...There are now daily conversations and there will definitely be a decision before the European Championship.

I played my first competitive match for Borussia (Mönchengladbach) in the cup in Darmstadt. Four wonderful years followed. Now, possibly, my last game in Darmstadt again – the circle has virtually been closed.

Based on all available intelligence, those "daily conversations" pretty much have to be in regards to a move to Arsenal, as the smoke has built over the past few weeks to the point where it pretty much has to be linked to a fire of some kind. The Daily Cannon also has a telling quote from Gladbach's sporting director, Max Eberl:

There are simply bigger clubs than Gladbach, and therefore, such a leading player is coveted. One way or another, we will have assembled a powerful squad for next year.

I have to say, I've been trying to temper my expectations over this happening, but it sounds like Arsenal, Gladbach, and Xhaka are all on-board. If that's the case, it seems pretty likely that this is actually going to happen. If the deal can be sealed before the start of Euro 2016, we should be in good shape. But with Xhaka still having time left on his contract (and a €30 million release clause next summer which would still guarantee Gladbach a pretty fair return), we should probably act fast to make sure it gets done – and nobody backs out.

If the deal falls apart at this point, I'll be pretty upset because we've got some great nicknames lined up for him. If I don't get to call an Arsenal player Geodude or Xhaka Flocka Flame, I may never forgive this club.