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Santi Cazorla interested in return to Villarreal, at some point

The Spanish midfielder would like to play for his longtime club after his Arsenal career is over.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

In an interview with AS, Santi Cazorla has said that he remains open to the idea of a return to Villarreal, the club he made his name (and over 200 appearances) at.

I do not rule out returning to Villarreal one day. Everybody in the world knows that Villarreal are a very special club to me.

So yeah, this is essentially nothing at all. If you see someone elsewhere online sticking a "CAZORLA WANTS OUT AT ARSENAL" line on this, feel free to hit them in the neck. His contract expires next summer, so we're guaranteed at least one more season of Santi at Arsenal. He's only 31, and in the right situation (i.e. not playing in Aaron Ramsey's spot) could probably still do a job for us past that. But he's not demanding a transfer, he's not even saying he wouldn't sign a new deal.

Basically, this is a non-story. I'm telling you about it so you don't get #MADONLINE about it. You're welcome.