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Arsenal want to bring Szczesny back – to back up Čech

The young-ish goalkeeper likely will return from Rome at the season's end.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Wojciech Szczesny won't be staying at AS Roma after the season, according to a report from the Mirror's John Cross. The doors at Arsenal remain open to him, as the club has informed Roma that they want to bring him back next summer, to back up current #1 Petr Čech. Roma has already supposedly found a replacement – Alisson, a Brazilian from Internacional – so it's unlikely there will be any fuss.

Cross claims (as he did in summer) that there's a clause in the loan allowing Roma to permanently keep Szczesny, but if they do in fact sign Alisson that won't be an issue. It also might not even be true, as Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini said last month that it would be "difficult" to keep him, and that "Roma are already covered in that role for next season." That doesn't sound like someone who has a purchase clause in his loan to me.

Szczesny's sometime teammates will likely be pleased by the development. According to Per Mertesackerthe team wants him back, so they'll be happy to see him return, I would expect. And Čech would be a great teacher, so basically this is a win for everyone involved. Except David Ospina.