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OK, so we might be on the verge of some really good news...

The more people talk, the less it does to diminish the Transfer Saga of the Summer

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Yes, this is your go-to source for all things Karim Benzema. We understand if you're getting fatigued, and those feelings are absolutely valid. After all, he's nearly overshadowed what's shaping up to be one of the most competitive Arsenal squads since the Invincibles. However, in the face of both Benzema's current club manager and Arsene Wenger denying a move to the Emirates, the smoke has, and is, only been building closer and closer to a full-on forest fire.

Which brings us to BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey's tweet from about an hour ago:

HMMMMMMMMM I wonder what player's he talking about huh.

Our favorite Italian journalist has done nothing but continue to tweet about details surrounding a Benzema move to Arsenal, such as what shirt number he will wear at Arsenal (9, in case you were curious), since he infamously, randomly, burst into the scene a few days ago.

Things are starting to build up. I'm trying hard to keep my feelings at arm's length, but the more things like that tweet come out from non-Twitter ITKs, the more I wonder if it's a matter of when, and not if.