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Thierry Henry believes Karim Benzema is Arsenal's missing piece

The Arsenal legend knows what it takes to win the league, and he offers up, exactly, how valuable the Real Madrid striker would be for his former club.

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Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Thierry Henry, speaking about Arsenal's title chances, said that not only would long-rumored transfer target Karim Benzema be the final piece to Arsene Wenger's squad this season - and that Arsenal would win the league with him in it - but that Theo Walcott needs more experience at a center forward before he can be trusted to provide consistent production.

Regarding Benzema:

"I think if you get Benzema, not only will you challenge for the league, but you also challenge for the Champions League.

"They need that type of striker who can be different to Olivier Giroud. Him alone as a striker all season, he is very good at what he does but you need to have that type of striker who can stretch a defence, a guy that can go in behind."

And Henry's thoughts on Walcott:

"You still need to be brave enough to be in there, it's not only about going in behind," he said. "I think that Theo can but you need to give him some games to do that."

It should be noted that Henry's getting paid quite a huge sum of money from Sky Sports to spew these types of opinions, but this isn't the first time he's gone on record regarding his thoughts on Arsenal's talent up front (along with his very incorrect assertions regarding Mesut Ozil's production and value).

Right or wrong, it's starting to feel like there's a certain bit of animosity between the Arsenal legend and the club's current preferred center forward, and this won't help mend the apparent broken fences between the two.