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Serge Gnabry could play in Premier League this season

The midfielder is ready to go on loan.

Simon Hausberger/Getty Images

According to various reports, Arsenal midfielder Serge Gnabry is nearing a season-long loan deal to West Bromwich Albion, which would allow him to stay in the Premier League and get some valuable playing time and experience. Gnabry's been somewhat of a ghost the past year or so, as he's had a knee injury that kept him out basically all of last year and hasn't played for Arsenal since spring of 2014.

In case you were unaware (because sometimes it can be hard to keep track), West Brom's manager is none other than former Stoke man Tony Pulis, which makes this whole thing a lot more interesting. Are we sending Lt. Serge out to learn how to destroy people? Is this a peace offering to Pulis? Or (most likely) is he just the manager who was most interested in getting a talented and hungry young player in who might create some offense for his team?

It's probably the last one.