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Arsenal announce Zelalem loan to Rangers

The young American gets his first-team shot in Scotland.

"i'm outta here"
"i'm outta here"
Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Arsenal have announced the loan of Gedion Zelalem to Rangers, where he will play from now until January (or possibly longer, depending on whether it gets extended or something). The 18-year-old American has two first-team appearances under his belt at Arsenal, and presumably will get a whole bunch more between now and the winter.

It's perhaps a bit worrying that he's going to a second-division Scottish club, considering the first division there is kind of garbage aside from Celtic, but reports earlier in this process included two things that assuaged my concerns a bit:

  • Part of the reason Zelalem (along with some other Premier League loanees) is going there is evidently to get experience playing in front of the 50,000 that regularly fill Ibrox
  • There was interest from a few Championship teams, and Zelalem was given some leeway to choose where he wanted to spend the first part of this season
We'll have more on this later from FBJ0, who has a different perspective (and certainly greater expertise) on the whole thing. But for me, he's 18 and as long as he's playing in real competitive games, I'm not going to complain too much. I will probably be wrong. So it goes.